Making Nutrition Easy For Weight Loss

I’m posting this guys as I’m getting lots of questions asked about different nutrition strategies.

You’ve probably already heard of carb cycling, carb back loading, keto, paleo, high fat, high carb and the list goes on.

When someone asks me what I think about a particular diet, I am honest and tell them that no diet will ever be the same for that individual. We are all faced with different ways of storing fat. as our  metabolism’s differ from person to person. Also depending if your an average person looking to get ready for your summer holidays or someone who has confidence or self esteem issues due to excessive weight problems. No two people are ever the same, so by developing a nutrition plan based on your  existing food diary is the best place to start before any big modifications can be put into place, keeping account of performance and health issues whilst at work and physical activity on a day to day basis.

So when you consider what you think would work best for your body because a certain person on the internet has got amazing results doesn’t mean will do the exact same thing. It could even be disastrous to a point that it could lead to IBS symptoms due to insulin spikes from increased carbs on certain diets.

Just remember that by tracking your protein, carbs and fats you will have a better idea of what your daily targets should be.

Hit your macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient targets and everything else will fall into place.

Work to your lifestyle and not someone else’s and you will have more success in achieving your true potential.





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