Jason Goodale: Personal Trainer

My Mission & Background

I aim to help many people achieve their goals with health and fitness. It’s a subject I am extremely passionate about and have dedicated my life to. I want to help you achieve great results.

I began playing sports at a very early age and it was essentially the beginning of what has become an amazing journey for me. Using athletics, martial arts and BMX racing gave me good endurance and fitness levels. It was from there I knew I loved performing in all aspects of sports.

At the age of 17 I took it upon myself to join a gym because I wanted something different to do and martial arts at this point was not giving me anything different in terms of training. It was from then that I got quickly accustomed to lifting weights with the help of my gym manager who was always keen to show me new exercises and ways to better my training.

Through my years of training in the gym I have been able to help people transform and develop their physiques through nutrition and training advice. It was from this point I decided to become a personal trainer as the rewards were so great in helping people achieve their goals. I hope that this new website will help me to reach out to a bigger audience.

Being a fully qualified advanced nutritionist specialist I can develop plans to personally suit you in order to help you achieve your goals. This may not only just be about losing weight or building muscle, it may be about boosting self-confidence and feeling better within yourself, something of which I struggled with during my teenage year’s growing up.

Whilst being a personal trainer I am also a sponsored athlete and brand ambassador for NRG Fuel Sports Nutrition, I regularly attend the Bodypower Expo each year where I am open to giving advice to people of all ages.

My goal is to transform people’s lives globally and bring confidence and well-being in a healthy environment.